Adding and editing text


When adding or editing text on a page, here are some tips:

  1. When using the “visual” editor (as opposed to the HTML editor), editing icons will be visible to you. These include bold, italics, bulleted and numbered lists, left align, right align, center, and justify.
  2. The “format” drop down list allows you to change paragraphs to headers and vice versa. Please note that “Heading 1” is reserved for the top of the page (logo), and “Heading 2” is reserved for the page title – this is automatically displayed. For example, on this page the page title is “Adding and editing text”. If your text has sub headings, you should use “Heading 3” rather than a paragraph marker. This allows search engines to more readily index the site. It also aids people with visual impairments to more readily access content on the site.
  3. When copying text in from MS Word, it’s a good idea to use the “Paste from Word” icon; Word sometimes inserts proprietary Microsoft code into WordPress pages, creating both messy behind the scenes code and some display problems.
  4. To insert any sort of special characters, such as foreign letters or accent marks, use the “Insert custom character” icon – this looks like the Greek letter “Omega”.
  5. By hitting the “Enter” key, you create a new paragraph. The styling is all pre-coded for headings and paragraphs, and so there is no need to insert additional spaces, etc.