ADMIN: Video Management


Converting a video using

  1. Login to (see offline documentation for login information)
  2. In the top menu, select the third item “Upload” and then click on “Upload a Video”
  3. Click on “Choose a File to Upload”
  4. Type or copy in Title and Description
  5. Click on Save Changes

All uploaded videos will be displayed in the section “My Videos”, accessible from the top menu item Videos-> My videos. You can sort their listing or view in three different manners (thumbnail (default), detail, video).

To embed a video into the web site, do the following:

  1. Click on the thumbnail of the video you wish to embed
  2. Click on “embed”
  3. The code will pop up in a window – select it and copy it
  4. Go to the page (or add a new page) in which you wish to have the video display.
  5. Click on the HTML tab, and paste the copied code in.

A few notes about sizing:

  • Each video has slightly different proportions.
  • The video is set by default to be 700 pixels wide (this is for maximum display on any of the web pages as a standalone video)
  • You can customize the size and other options by clicking on the link below your thumbnail (in the popup) “Customize size, color, and other options”
  • The videos listed on the main video gallery page must be resized to 388 pixels wide in order to display properly. This can easily by done through the vimeo interface, which will dynamically resize the video’s embed code allowing you to copy and paste this into the video page.