Using Photos in Articles


Steps to properly formatting and inserting images into posts and pages.

  1. Resize image using photo editing tool to 72dpi, maximum 800 width (or 800 height, if portrait style).
  2. Decide if the image needs to be a small thumbnail (150×150 pixels) or a larger thumbnail (300×244 pixels). You will rarely want to insert a full sized image.
  3. All images are automatically enabled to work with “lightbox”, the tool that allows for the image to expand forward to full size when it is clicked on.
  4. You must enter both a title and a caption for lightbox to work properly. “Title” is the longer description of the image. It appears when the lighbox full-sized image appears. “Caption” is the shorter descriptor for the image, and appears underneath the thumbnail image. All images are styled to use a grey background with a black border, and to be aligned to the left.
  5. You can upload the image from your computer, or, if the image is already in the web site, you can select it from “media’ library”.
  6. IMPORTANT:  If you do not wish any text to appear under the image, you can simply type a space in the “caption” field.  If you do not, the image will appear centered and on its own line in the page which will look odd.  Having some placeholder (even a space) in the caption field is required to align the image left and surround it with the grey background.