Deployable Bridging Operations


The Royal Engineers used an upgraded BR90 or Modular Bridging Systems recently in Afghanistan.  The BR90 Systems includes five up armored cross-country vehicles, a bridge set and a span expansion system.  The upgraded systems was procured by MOD under an urgent operational requirement funding effort.  The system was built by BAE Systems.

The slide show pictures the actions of the 12-man team putting in a place a 36-meter long bridge across a strategic stretch of the Nahr-e-Bughra canal near the town of Shaheed in northern Nad-e-Ali. The town and canal were both seized by British and Afghan forces as part of Operation Moshtarak. Commanders took the decision to order the bridge to be put in place because more routes across the canal were needed to ensure supplies got to infantry troops on the ground.

[slidepress gallery=’bridging-operations-march-15′]

Credit: International Security Assistance Force HQ Public Affairs, 2/20/10


***Posted March 15th, 2010