Third Army Moves HETs


This slide shows the movement of equipment to prepare for transfer from Kuwait after Iraqi operations.

[slidepress gallery=’third-army-moves-hets-march-29′]

Credit: Third Army/U.S. Army Central PAO, CAMP ARIFJAN, Kuwait, march 9th, 2010

  • The first photo shows Heavy Equipment transporters waiting to be unloaded from trailers in a lot at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. HETs, along with Third Army transportation units who drive them. The trucks are designed to carry heavy equipment such as Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles, M-1 Abrams tanks, troop carriers and other HETs.
  • The second photo shows thousands of vehicles and equipment that have returned from Iraq wait to be retro graded in a Third Army lot at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. Not limited to rolling stock, the base receives hundreds of trailer-sized containers a week filled with everything from medical supplies to ammunitions. The 24/7 process of repairing the battle-worn equipment remains a top priority for Third Army as it pushes the repaired and usable equipment into other areas of operation.
  • The third photo shows a humvee being power-washed before being inspected and repaired in a Third Army retrograde lot at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, Feb. 27. The lot, one of many at Camp Arifjan, receives hundreds of vehicles a week that are returning from the drawdown of equipment in Iraq. Third Army’s mission to retrieve and repair the battle-worn equipment remains a top priority. After being repaired, the equipment will be sent back into theater to support other operations.
  • The fourth photo shows a Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck Wrecker towing a Heavy Equipment Transporter and trailer during a training exercise at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. The trucks and the Soldiers who drive them make frequent trips into Iraq, retrieving equipment such as humvees, tanks and Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles.
  • The final photo shows a soldier at the redistribution yard, Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, standing in front of trailer-sized shipping containers filled with equipment from the drawdown in Iraq. Third Army unloads hundreds of the containers a week, sorting usable equipment and damaged equipment to be retrograded for eventual support of operations in other areas of theater. The process of repairing damaged equipment and putting good equipment back into the Army’s inventory saves the U.S. military millions of dollars a year.

***Posted March 29th, 2010