International Defense and Logistics Support 2010 Conference


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Over 200 high-ranking military and government logisticians and their industry partners will convene in Brussels from the 29th June to 2nd July 2010 for the tenth annual International Defence Logistics and Support conference.
International Defence Logistics and Support is an exclusive platform for allied defence organisations and their industry partners from across the globe to gather and find solutions to the common challenges they face at the tactical, operational and strategic level.
The focus of this year’s conference is on bringing the military and industry together to discuss how to effectively equip and support forces in Afghanistan as well as support and sustain reconstruction and peace-keeping missions around the world.
Attendees will be able to find out the latest plans to improve support chain delivery from a platform of over 40 renowned logisticians from key NATO agencies and across the globe. In addition they will meet senior decision makers from international system integrators and solution providers and learn about their current support chain strategies and growth plans. It is a vital change to keep up to date with the latest trends and developments in the international defence logistics and support arena.

  • There will be high-level briefings on disengagement and strategic redeployment, current multinational logistics initiatives and how the military can capitalise on industry expertise to increase front line capabilities. This year’s programme features a varied agenda of case studies, panel discussions, roundtables and big-picture keynotes from over 40 high-ranking international military leaders providing solutions to achieving critical strategic, operational and tactical objectives. The conference will be attended by almost every nation from across the globe.
    With contracted logistics support fast becoming an integral part of expeditionary military operations, the pre-conference focus day will look at the role of CLS as a key defence support enabler. Topics covered include: how can commercial expertise and proven experience meet cost and service requirements as well as effectively supporting force deployments? There will also be a review on how defence organisations can effectively integrate contractors into core logistics processes? With CLS representing the future of defence logistics, sessions will assess what steps need to be taken to improve performance in a CLS environment.
  • Focusing on the UK MoD’s experiences in Afghanistan, in a hard hitting opening presentation, Air Commodore Graham Howard, Head of UK Defence Logistic Policy, ACDS (Log Ops), UK MoD will discuss strategies to support high-risk in-theatre contracts to maintain the security of personnel and their equipment.
  • Another highlight includes Wing Commander Andy Killey, Commanding Officer, No. 1 Air Mobility Wing, UK MoD presenting an insight into the Royal Air Force’s contracting for air mobility capability. Plus, Brigadier General Tersia Jacobs, Director Logistics, South African Air Force will outline how to improve military and civilian cooperation to ensure aircraft visibility. Plus there will be presentations from NAMSA, the Indian Air Force and the European Defence Agency.

The main conference programme features a hard-hitting speaker faculty with the highest level of high-ranking military generals to date. Prominent keynote speeches giving the audience an insight into strategic logistics developments include:

  • General Rainer Schuwirth, Former Chief of Staff at SHAPE will present an exclusive opening address. He will then be followed by Major General Andrzej Falkowski, Assistant Director, Logistics And Resources Division, IMS, NATO who will discuss logistics lessons learned from recent conflict to ensure the success of future operations.
  • There will be a keynote presentation from Major-General Hans-Erich Antoni, Deputy Chief Of Staff Operations, International Security Assistance Force, NATO who will deliver an overview of cooperation with industry from the level of the operational command in theatre.
  • The audience will be joined by Brigadier General Frederick Martin, Deputy Director, Operations and Logistics to discuss current AFRICOM initiatives and Air Commodore Graham Howard, Head of UK Defence Logistic Policy, ACDS (Log Ops), UK MoD will share the challenges of deployment, sustainment and recovery in Afghanistan.
  • There will be high-level executive briefings from the US military including the DLA, US Navy and AFRICOM. There will also be speakers from defence organisations from as far afield as Lithuania, Israel, Singapore and across western Europe giving insight into operations globally.

On the 2nd July delegates are invited to attend a post conference Through Life Support Workshop. This is an opportunity to assist the military in meeting the challenges of capability, availability and affordability. Issues covered include: Applying a whole life approach to managing system support and sustainability across both legacy systems and new programmes, identifying the principles of reliability and maintenance and how they apply to the acquisition of defence equipment and evaluating how through life support costs will impact defence procurement decisions. In addition it is a change to strengthen industry partnerships to improve through life support and achieve long-term cost reductions.

* For the first time, senior military and government representatives are invited to attend the International Defence Logistics and Support Conference free of charge – subject to a small administration fee. Non military delegates are invited to register for the conference at a charge.

** Download  IDLS2010 Full Brochure and a Letter From IDLS Director as a pdf.


***Posted April 25th, 2010