USMC Harriers Operate off of HMS Ark Royal


Crédit: Aerial shots of HMS Ark Royal and Harrier vertical takeoff, USMC, May 2010

More than 100 Marines of Marine Attack Squadrons 223 and 542 bussed out from the Cherry Point Theater May 15th, 2010 in route to Norfolk, Virginia, to embark HMS Ark Royal, a British Royal Navy aircraft carrier, to conduct Capella Strike, a two-week multinational training exercise with British counterparts.

There are 12 Marine aircraft aboard the HMS Ark Royal for the training exercise.
“This is the biggest unit we’ve had aboard the HMS Ark Royal,” said Lt. Dave Ellis, the deputy engineer officer for the HMS Ark Royal.

Days one and two consisted of a series of briefs and ship tours, done my BRN Sailors, to help increase familiarity. According to one Marine involved in the exercise, the members of VMA-223 and 542, had a video teleconference with HMS Ark Royal crewmembers to discuss logistics and what each could provide for one another.
Prior similar exercises also helped the squadrons plan Capella Strike.


***Posted on May 28th, 2010