Air Refueling Capability Highlighted On Bastille Day


On Bastille Day, the parade was initiated with an air show featuring a total of 79 planes: both the French Air Refueling and Power Projection Force, as well as the Deterrence Force, included an air refueling C135 from the GRV 00.093 (Groupement de Ravitaillement en Vol).

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Credit: The C135 Featured on Bastille Day, SLD, Paris, July 14th, 2010

  •  The first two picture show the Air Refueling and Power Projection Force with one C135 from the FAF Base of Istres and three Rafale from the FAF Base of Saint Dizier, during rehearsal and on the actual Bastille day;
  • The four other pictures show the same formation with in addition three Mirage 2000-N from the FAF Base of Luxeuil (the third picture shows the Deterrence formation during rehearsal and the last three shots were taken on July 14th).


*** The rehearsal pictures were taken by Sandra Chenu-Godefroy and the Bastille Day ones by Murielle Delaporte.



*** Posted on July 15th, 2010