Explosion Aboard Vermillion 380 Platform


The United States Coast Guard’s rapid action in shaping containment strategy for explosion aboard Gulf Oil platform works effectively. The platform is located 80 miles sourth of Vermillion Bay in Louisiana. The offshore oil production facility, known as Vermillion Block 380, is in 340 feet of water. In contrast, the sea at the Deepwater Horizon rig is a mile deep.

The facility is owned by Mariner Energy Inc., an independent oil and gas exploration and production company based in Houston.

Credit: U.S. Coast Guard Atlantic Area, Spetember 3rd, 2010

Edwin Stanton, commander of the Coast Guard’s operations in New Orleans, said six commercial offshore supply boats were on the scene, continuing to spray cooling water onto the platform. He said the sheen of oil seen around the rig probably amounted to about 10 gallons.

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*** Posted On September 13th, 2010