HMH-361 First to Use ‘cool,’ New Modification in Combat

09 – 29 – 2010 / HMH-361 is the first squadron to use the Micro-climate Cooling Unit System (MCUS) vest in a combat zone: the MCUS, made of a thin material laced with hoses that carry cool liquid, straps on with Velcro over the shoulders and sides of the vest. It circulates cold liquid around crew chiefs’ and pilots’ bodies during flight to reduce their core temperatures. The new vest raises energy levels and helps keep the crew and pilots focused, while flying by keeping them cool during extended missions in high temperatures.

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Credit: 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (Fwd) Public Affairs, September 4th, 2010

  • The first photo shows Lance Cpl. Jeffrey Wyman, a flight equipment technician with Marine Heavy Helicopter 361, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (Forward),  strapping on the new vest.

  • The second and third picture show him putting flight equipment on over the new MCUS outside his squadron’s hangar on the flight line.
  • The final photo shows Lance Cpl. Jeffrey Wyman demonstrating how the new vest looks when worn over the flight suit and under flight equipment outside his squadron’s hangar on the flight line.


Additional reference:

The vest was included in a 2006 brief by the USMC on urgent requirements