Upcoming: Arctic Challenges Series


International Arctic Conference

10/09/2010 – Our German correspondent, Caroline Mükusch, attended a Russian-sponsored conference on the future of the Arctic, which was held on September 22nd and 23rd in Moscow.  We will publish two reports from her on the conference, which will then be followed by a series of articles on the challenges of dealing with Arctic development and security.

A special report on the future of the Arctic authored by our Caroline will be posted as well.

Caroline is a doctoral candidate at the University of Cologne, examining the challenge of shaping a “Comprehensive Energy Security Concept” for Germany and Europe.  She is also working for the IABG mbH in Munich, Germany, in the Division Safety and Security.  Her research and working focus is on critical infrastructure protection, energy security and geopolitics (Europe, Russia, Arctic Region, Middle East).

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Credit:  SLD, Moscow, Russia, September 2010