Ease Of Access


Building the Final Test USMC Aircraft

11/17/2010 – This slide show features shots of the final test USMC aircraft being built at the Lockheed Martin facility.

[slidepress gallery=’building-the-final-test-usmc-aircraft-views-of-bf-5-september-2010′]

Credit: Lockheed Martin, September 5th, 2010

  • Various shots taken in September 2010 feature the engine for the aircraft, and various shots of the panels, which allow ease of access to repair the aircraft.
  • The test laptop, which is the testers variant of the laptop to be used by maintainers in the field, is featured as well.
  • And SLD’s Robbin Laird is seen talking with Lockheed employees involved with the F-35B.

Ease of access and parts consolidation allow easier and more rapid maintenance of the aircraft compared to legacy aircraft.