Download: Delivering Energy At the Tip of the Spear


This Special Report, which is the second in our Future of Power Projection, is provided by the Honorable Bill Anderson.  The report provides an xamination of how to deliver energy to the deployed warfighter.  By enhancing the ability of the deployed force to self-sustain, a revolution in combat logistics can be generated.

A more heavily armored target incentivizes the enemy to develop more lethal weapons.  Major General Rick Lynch, who commanded a division in Iraq, noted in an interview with USA Today that the MRAP has forced insurgents to build bigger and more sophisticated bombs.  Of course, bigger bombs are harder to make and deploy…giving coalition forces a better opportunity to catch the insurgents.  However, if the enemy is successful, coalition fighting forces pay the price.

The answer is simple…the risk only goes away when vehicles come off the road.  The vehicles only come off the road if they are no longer required to carry cargo to the front lines.

And as Anderson emphasizes, this capability is within reach.

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