Adding Capability to the ARG


The USS Arlington : The latest LDP 17

An interview with Doug Lounsberry, Director of LPD Programs at the Ingalls Yard

03/26/2011 – The Second Line of Defense team is visiting the Ingalls Shipyards in Pascagoula, Mississippi for the christening of the latest LPD 17, the USS Arlington.  It is ironic at exactly the moment when the ARG is so central to the Libyan operation, that America is christening the 21st century centerpiece for the Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) fleet, the LPD 17.  And even more ironic, the remembrance of the 9/11 attack being highlighted during the christening of the USS Arlington.  One of our members was in the Pentagon that day, and remembers those moments so well.  And to see an American response in the form of strengthening the ARG is a fitting moment for the SLD team.

There will be more from us on our visit in future postings.  But for now, we wanted to provide some video highlights from our interview with Doug Lounsberry, Director of LPD Programs at the Ingalls Yard.  A full text interview with Lounsberry on the LPD 17 class of ships will be provided in the near future.  Below are three video inserts where Lounsberry discusses the cost savings from the learning curve in building the ship, the impact of the hurricanes and other issues, and finally an overview with regard to the capabilities of the ships.

Video 1 : The Learning Cycle

Video 2 : The Impact Of Hurricanes

Video 3 : Capabilities

The LPD 17 is a 25,000 ton vessel with a capability for a sustained speed of more than 20 knots.  It is 684 feet in length with an abiliyt to hold 1,200 sailors and marines.  It has a vehicle storage capacity of about 24,000 square feet and a cargo capacity of around 34,000 cubic feet.  It has enough power to light 12,000 homes; can be used as a hospital ship or a support for humanitarian operations in addition to its combat capability.  It has advanced C2 driven from its destroyer heritage, which is a significant improvement over current capabilities.