Joint Flood Relief Efforts


4/27/11 U.S. Coast Guard and North Dakota National Guard helicopters support flood operations in Fargo, N.D. The USCG is a core asset for inter-agency tasks such as flood relief.  When the President signed the federal emergency declaration, de facto, the USCG was tasked.  Unfortunately for the USCG, when they get tasked, they don’t receive money for the constant wear and tear of their core equipment.  They receive money for the operations, but not for re-capitalization from the operational pace.  It is as if you bought a car, drove into the ground, and had no real option but to maintain your aging car.  No consumer would do that, but this happens as a norm for the USCG. Coast Guard personnel, airboats and aircraft continue to assist in a multi-agency response to heavy flooding… along the Red River in North Dakota and Minnesota.

This is the third straight year that significant flooding has occurred in the Red River Valley, with operations being led by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the states of North Dakota and Minnesota. The President signed a federal emergency declaration April 7, allowing federal assistance to North Dakota. Working in “strike teams,” Coast Guard responders, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and local response agencies are on scene providing for the safety and welfare of the citizens as they locate, evacuate and transport victims to safe locations and to medical transfer areas. The rescue crews are also conducting periodic welfare checks in impacted communities and providing waterborne logistical support and access to flood damaged areas.

Credit: 119th Wing Public Affairs : 4/9/11