International Defence Logistics and Support 2011

04/27/2011 – Built from months of in-depth research with senior military figures currently driving the biggest logistics operations in the world, this
year’s programme for the annual International Defence Logistics and Support conference is designed with the end user in mind. How can we
help the end user to receive the equipment and capability he or she requires on time and within budget?

This military logistics conference offers over 40 insightful briefings by senior military logisticians and subject matter experts on key topics
including performance based logistics, multinational logistics, sustainment, interoperable forces, availability and deployability. By
attending you will gain new, valuable information and contacts that will assist you in the organization of a highly innovative and efficient
defence supply chain.

With a fresh approach to a crucial topic area that impacts not only the lives of those serving their countries on the front line but also our
collective security, this International Defence Logistics conference is one of the single most important forums in the defence calendar year and
an event not to be missed.


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