Forum Article Updates May 2nd


5/2/11 Ed Timperlake posted a piece on the high-low mix of technology for the Pacific engagement.

Below the threshold of big-ticket items such as CBGs and ARGs, American Foreign policy objectives can have a “low” component. This low component has several dimensions. As the recent schwacking of Osama Bin Laden shows special ops can have a worldwide reach. In addition, Special Forces can also have a powerful role in building military alliances by imparting training and tactics to allied forces.

Robbin Laird posted a piece on the Indian fighter competition.

These (the US offerings) are 40 year old air frames; and the uncertain technology transfer process surrounding the US offerings certainly raised questions in the Indian minds about the ability moving forward to upgrade its new franchise combat aircraft.  Either Eurofighter or Rafale promise a much newer airframe, with upgrade paths.

And, finally, Len Zuga and Michael Pecht posted a piece on China and economic competition.

China has listened to Bill Clinton. China’s economy is growing faster than any other country of its size, and China is making sure that this is sustainable. China has invested heavily in innovation and infrastructure, and is developing the foundation necessary to ensure a measure of economic control, which may prove stronger than any military strength. Today, most countries owe China, and also depend on China. Meanwhile, China is developing a foundation so that they will not need to depend on anyone. Perhaps the U.S. should rethink its strategies of rare earth materials, high-tech transfer, and outsourcing of manufacturing and debt to China.’s-“economic-war”-considerations/