A400M Air Delivery Testing


06/03/2011: This video shows one of the core advantages of the aerodynamic design of the new aircraft.  Paratroopers can jump from a separate side door or exit by the ramp.

As Peter Scoffham noted in an earlier interview

In terms of a special forces insertion with a concurrent drop of equipment, you now have a situation where paratroops   can jump at the same time out the side doors and  a metric four and half tonne load can be dropped from  the ramp.  This, of course, gives them tremendous flexibility.  And just while we’re talking Special Forces, there was a requirement for the high-altitude delivery of Special Forces.  As an example of this civil airliners cruise at about 34-35,000 feet. But, the A400M is designed to fly one mile higher, at 40,000 feet, then open the ramp, and enable special forces to jump with all of their specialist kit .  At the moment, there is no other aircraft capable of doing that. https://sldinfo.com/?p=10562


Video Credit: Airbus Military 2011