Managing Non-Linear Battlespace


By Michael W. Wynne

07/19/2011 – The interview on 5th Gen and 3 Dimensional Warfare highlights a key challenge and key opportunity.  (

The approach could be extended to include the next gen Remotely Piloted Vehicles wherein they as well need Honeycomb like communications to get any Intel Take exported.  Concepts such as the wolfpack await exploitation.  It is also central to be able to verify and validate targets before strike.

Frankly, the Air Force continues to think linearly about the non-linear battle space the future holds.  Much like VCJCS Cartwright believing that spearthrowing is all you need for distant warfare, when the current battlespace cries out for accurate Battle Damage Assessment, where the Stealthy Penetrating Bomber is adjustable and lethal to many targets, yet is considered by some to not have a future.  The need for Validation is paramount in 21st century warfare.

This has become a strange world.   Strategists think like squad leaders; and then ask squad leaders to think strategically (e.g., not killing civilians who look like terrorists).