Mobile Aircraft Maintainers


08/23/2011: During the CRW visit, Technical Sgt. Hall explained the tools and approach to providing for mobile aircraft maintenance during a CRW deployment.

Photo Credit : SLD 2011

SLD: Could you describe your background?

TSgt Hall:  I started off as an air reclamation specialist and then blended that with a crew chief career field. I was in Charleston about three years, and then I went to Ramstein CRG, I was there for eight years, the original CRG and have been here for the last two and a half years.

SLD: Could you describe your equipment to do aircraft maintenance in the field?

TSgt Hall:  You’re looking at the HFHC-1 and 2.  The two units contain the basic equipment for aircraft maintenance.  Basically, we take two sections, the HFHC-1 and 2 provide basically all the equipment we need and we take five personnel to do this job.

SLD: This package would be air deployable?

TSgt Hall:  Yes.  We can also compartmentalize most of it, so if we had to, we could palletize some of it and get it out even quicker.  Or add it to someone else’s UTC (Unit type identifier code).  UTC is the generic term for this set of personnel.  We are the maintenance UTC. The second factor is personnel.  You just plus it up to deal with additional aircraft. With the initial insertion, you can handle one aircraft 12-hour ops.  With  the second one you can handle two aircraft with 24-hour operations. The only thing you really add is you go from five enlisted personnel to five more enlisted personnel with a maintenance officer.

SLD: What kind of airlifters are you most likely to deploy on?

TSgt Hall:  The majority of the time we deploy on a C-17.  When you get to an open airbase, it’s all C-130s for intra theater airlift.