Harrier Exercise at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort


08/30/2011: During a recent exercise of the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing, the USMC honed their skills at landing Harriers on AM-2 matting, loading the aircraft with the pilot in the cockpit and ready to go after loading the aircraft with both weapons and fuel.  After getting “a bag of fuel” and weapons, the Harrier takes off and re-engages.This core competence of the USMC combines what a V/STOL aircraft can do with innovative combat operational approaches. The exercise and the operational practice with which it resonates have been explained by Lt. Col. Williams, the Commanding Officer of VMA-231.https://www.sldinfo.com/the-harrier-and-expeditionary-basing/

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Photo Credit: SLD 2011

This slideshow highlights photos taken by Second Line of Defense during the exercise on August 24, 2011.  AM-2 matting is highlighted in some of the photos, which is a core laydown material for enabling the expeditionary airfield.The pictures were taken at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, North Carolina.



For an interview with USMC officers who craft the expeditionary airfields in operational settings please go to