Military Aircraft in the News




This week Eurofighter rolled out its 300th Eurofighter.  Cassidian delivered its 300th Eurofighter Typhoon to the Spanish Air Force. The Eurofighter Typhoons – developed and manufactured by Cassidian in Germany and Spain, BAE Systems in the UK and Alenia Aeronautica in Italy – are now in service across the globe with 16 units in six air forces replacing 11 aircraft types.

The 300th Production Eurofighter Credit: Cassidian









The F-35A

AF-12 was delivered to Eglin today.

With Lt. Col. Eric “Emmitt” Smith at the controls, AF-12 gains altitude as it departs Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base yesterday for Florida. AF-12 was delivered to the 33d Fighter Wing at Eglin Air Force Base. It touched down at 4:03 p.m. CDT after a 90-minute flight becoming the fifth Lightning-II delivered to Eglin in 2011. The conventional takeoff and landing variant F-35A will be used for pilot and maintainer training at the base’s new F-35 Integrated Training Center. AF-12 is the eleventh F-35 delivery in 2011.

The Latest Production F-35A Credit: Lockheed Martin













The F-35B

And the BF-4 flew this week in trials aboard the USS Wasp.  This is part of the USN-USMC transition to flying Ospreys and F35-Bs in shaping a newly enabled Amphibious Ready Group.

The F35-B Taking Off Aboard the USS Wasp Credit: SLD