UK Royal Air Force Typhoon at the Dubai Air Show



Royal Air Force Typhoon aircraft will again be flying across the skies of Dubai during the Air Show.

Royal Air Force aircraft have recently taken part in joint exercises involving the Emirati and other international allies.

RAF Typhoon in Flight Credit: UK Trade and Investment

The deployment in Libya has clearly defined the key functions of the aircraft, ranging from the vital task of air superiority, with the capability to engage multiple targets at long, medium or short range using AMRAAM, IRIS-T or ASRAAM missiles, to the newly established surface attack role, striking at long range with precision weapons. In addition, Typhoon delivered close air support to ground forces – including the supply of intelligence, a show of force and weapon attack.

Participation in the Libyan operations marked the combat debut of the Typhoon and the first time it has been used as a swing-role platform. Typhoon covered two vital roles over Libya that were previously discharged by two separate platforms.

The fact that the airframe is largely constructed of carbon fiber composites and light alloys to save weight – meaning it consumes less fuel and can carry more weapons was never more vital than on the five hour plus missions along the Libyan coastline.

Credit: UK Trade and Investment and Eurofighter