Bold Alligator 2012 Forum


We have ended the Air Power Forum ,which ran for 4 months with significant content and debate on many issues, including the F-35B, the use of airpower in Libya and the Air Force LAS competition.

Ed Timperlake, the SLD Forum editor, has launched a new Forum subject, namely, what are the lessons learned today and for the future by the Bold Alligator 2012 exercise?

This forum will be dedicated to understanding and analyzing the implications of a re-definition of maneuver warfare generated from sea platforms.

As we have argued earlier:

The USN-USMC team is building forces for the future : as the largest amphibious exercise since the 1990s will take place starting this month in Norfolk, Va, it will include not only US forces but French, Dutch and British forces as well. The USN-USMC team is shaping templates for littoral engagements.  The Gator Navy is moving from being a Greyhound Bus to becoming a strike force.

Although an amphibious exercise, the capabilities being exercised are really those of leveraging the sea base to insert and withdraw forces.  The key effort is to take a combined force (both combat as well as a humanitarian) and support that force ashore from the sea.  Such a force is really a test of what we have called the agile response group, even more than the amphibious response group.

The USN-USMC team is taking what capabilities they currently have now and shaping greater capabilities from those assets by working on the con-ops of a 21st century approach.

What we saw in Libya is being continued in Bold Alligator 2012.  The new and the old are being combined in shaping a very flexible force able to operate across the spectrum of warfare.  And a force able to be augmented by scalable forces which can provide for re-enforced capabilities as the case requires.

The agile response group is built around an economy of force whereby what is needed to meet the mission is applied, and make it possible NOT to deploy a very large force package (such as a Carrier Battle Group) when not required.  But at the same time, like a Lego block set, the forces can be augmented to ensure strategic superiority.

Bold Alligator 2012 is as well an exercise space whereby significant innovation will be generated and experimented with.  BA-12 is not just an amphibious exercise to demonstrate what the allies and the USN-USMC CAN do, but is a platform for innovation in shaping what these forces WILL be able to do in the future.

Please join us in the Forum to provide insights, analysis and debate.