Counter-piracy strategies in South East Asia: Myth versus reality



What is the primary tool to fighting piracy and armed robbery in South East Asia? Is it the bilateral aerial patrol initiative, ‘Eyes in the Sky’? Is it the information sharing agencies such as the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) or the Regional Agreement in Combating Piracy and Armed Sea Robbery against Ships in the Asia Pacific (ReCAAP) or the Information Fusion Centre (IFC)? Is it the coordinated
Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia patrols?

This issue features a special issue on piracy in South East Asia.

The publication looks at the following key issues:

Counter piracy strategies in South East Asia;

Piracy and armed sea robbery: Group dynamics and geographical patterns;

Hijackings in the southern South China Sea;

Forecasting and trends for coping with piracy in South East Asia.


For the answers to these questions and others in the piracy-counter piracy con-ops please go to

Strategic Insights No 37 December 2011.