Bold Alligator 2012: Photos in the Field


02/11/2012: During BA-2012, SLD was embedded with the French.  This slideshow provides some initial looks at the French and BA-2012 as well as some shots of USN and USMC ops seen from the French engagement area.

[slidepress gallery=’bold-alligator-2012′]

Credit Photos: SLD 2012

  • In the first photo, the first wave of French forces “beaching” on D Day (February 6th, 2012) are pictured.  The new amphibious landing craft – the EDAR – is approaching the shore loaded with marine infantry troops and equipment.  Enhancing communication and interoperability was a key point to the exercise between the French Army and Navy on the one hand, and the French and American forces on the other.
  • In photo 2, a ground mobile communications vehicle is in the foreground, with the BPC Mistral in the background and EDAR amphibious landing craft.
  • In photo 3, USMC AAVs approach the coast on D Day.  The USS San Antonio, one of the 50 US ships involved in the exercise, is seen in the background.  The photo was shot from a French Puma helicopter participating in the exercise.
  • In photo 4, USN LCAC (Landing Craft Air Cushion) leaves the landing beach after supporting the insertion of force in the early morning hours of February 6th or D Day.  The shot was taken from the French insertion force.
  • In photo 5, French advance forces prepare for the landing of the French insertion force on February 6th or D Day.
  • In photo 6, an older generation French landing ship (CTM landing ship) with amphibian vehicles on board preparing to land ashore.  The photo was taken on February 6th or D Day.
  • In photo 7, French troops are seen ashore with American Humvees in the background at Camp Lejeune, close to one of the US beaching areas in the exercise. The Bold Alligator Exercise provides an opportunity for US-French bilateral training.