The Osprey and the USNS Robert E. Peary In Bold Alligator 2012

In Bold Alligator 2012, for the first time, the Osprey landed on a T-AKE supply ship in an operational exercise. This means that the ability of this new aviation asset to connect the supply ships with the combat ships can potentially allow a much more efficient use of those combat ships.  Supplies can be re-configured off of the combat ships to the supply ships and with the VM-22 have just in time delivery capabilities. The potential was highlighted in the interview with Brigadier General Owens.
[slidepress gallery=’the-osprey-and-the-usns-robert-e-peary-in-bold-alligator’]
The pictures in the slideshow were provided to SLD by
Captain John Little, skipper of the USNS Robert E Peary after our visit to his
ship in Norfolk on March 20, 2012.
SLD: Could you discuss the Osprey and T-AKE supply ship pairing?  Amazingly, the Osprey came off
of a supply ship to do the deep raid at Fort Pickett.
General Owens: The T-AKE is bringing in our dry cargo.  So they bring in beyond what the amphibious ships carry, they’ll bring in food, water, and they are ships that bring in our ammunition.  That was what we exercised using the V22s to
land on the T-AKE, and we had our logistics regiment Marines posted aboard the TAKE to work on the distribution piece. And this was the first
time we had done that.