Meeting the Challenges of Maritime Security: Recent Articles


Recently, Second Line of Defense has published several stories, which focus upon the re-shaping of littoral operations and maritime security.

We have focused on the joint and coalition exercise called Bold Alligator 2012 which represented a sea change in thinking about littoral engagement forces.  We have published a special report summing up our work and this report can be found here:

We have looked at various aspects of the Military Sealift Command and its growing importance for a national fleet and forward presence.  And with the landing of an Osprey aboard the T-AKE ship new possibilities are suggested concerning seabase connectivity and sustainment.

We have talked with Admiral Buzby, the commander of MSC as well as Captain John Little, Captain of the USNS Robert E. Peary about MSC operations.  And we have highlighted the example of putting the USS Ponce back to see as an example of the flexibility of the MSC command and its contracting structure.

And we have highlighted innovative technologies which can re-shape how the littoral challenges can be handled more effectively.

And we have provided commentary on our “Just Do It Forum” with regard to Right Sizing the Fleet and rethinking how to use the large deck carrier.

Finally, our partner Risk Intelligence provides a periodic deep dive on the evolving maritime security challenges.  The most recent issue of Strategic Insights takes a comprehensive look at some of the core maritime challenges in the year ahead.