Soutien, Logistique Défense


Our associate Soutien, Logistique Défense publishes a regular journal which focuses on defense, support, and defense and security operations and is entering its fourth year of operation.

This successful magazine is widely read in the French-speaking world, and is present at the major trade shows in defense, aerospace, security and support.

Recent issues have included interviews with a number of high-ranking policy makers in the defense and security areas in France and beyond.  Several senior US military officers have appeared as well which has provided them an opportunity to speak directly to the significant number of French speakers worldwide.

If your firm wishes to expand your reach into the French-speaking world, Soutien, Logistique Défense provides a unique opportunity and perspective.

The creation of this quarterly publication was born out of a double-consideration:

First, support and logistics is a growing and changing field, at a time when many nations are seeking for the best solutions to optimize their armed forces and face new logistics challenges on common theaters of operation, such as Afghanistan.

The various initiatives and lessons learned in this area tend to remain rather unpublicized beyond national borders precisely at a time when cross-national learning is important for the nations and the companies.

Second, give the floor to the real players in France and abroad.

Even though support and logistics are key to any operational success, they remain largely unexamined or unpublicized: indeed, very few international publications exist in this field.  And SLD is the first to appear in French.

It has therefore seemed useful to have international decision-makers, experts and players on the ground talk about their experience and share their views in this area through targeted interviews and articles.

A sector at the crossroads

The evolution of the battlefield and the merging of the frontline and rear have lead the logisticians to re-assess force protection; new modus operandi are emerging while facing what can be at times contradictory goals.

XXIst century logistics must indeed reconcile a dual objective, i.e. ensure the delivery of “the right supply at the right time at the right place” to the troops on the ground on the one hand, minimize the logistics footprint – and its cost – as much as possible.

The same dilemma appears at the onset of the logistics supply chain, support being the connecting tool between the warfighter and his equipment: logistics and sustainment are in many ways at the crossroads of the economic and defense sectors, the civilian and military fields, government-private partnerships, industry and operations.

Seeking the best practical solutions and “success stories “

The goal of the magazine Soutien, Logistique, Défense is, on the one hand, to identify and compare innovative solutions and lessons learned being developed or implemented, and, on the other hand, to explore new opportunities in terms of public-private partnerships.

The Soutien, Logistique, Défense editorial goal is, in particular, to showcase industrial and operational “success stories” which helped to solve specific support or logistics issues and contributed to a positive outcome of missions in the theater.

The primary function of each single Soutien, Logistique, Défense magazine issue is to leave the floor to a wide range of contributors displaying their differences and/or complementarity either because of their geographic origin or because of their position within the logistics and sustainment communities.

Each issue will therefore have a tailored list of writers or interviewees depending on the topics being addressed.

For a look at the latest issue in print as well as to have access to past issues, please go to

For an opportunity to discuss a story or create an ad in the magazine, one can contact directly the Soutien, Logistique, Défense team in the United States at the following number 571-255-6259 or in France 06 89 74 24 31 or by email [email protected].