The Trade Media Brief 2012: An Update on Airbus Military


These slides were presented during the Trade Media 2012 event held at Madrid, Spain and Toulouse, France in May 2012.  And together provide a broad overview with regard to the current situation and approach towards the future of Airbus Military.

Airbus Military Market Overview 2012

In this presentation, Antonio Rodriguez Barberan, SVP Commercial, provided an overview.  The core point is the extensive reach of the company due to the legacy products and the coming into service of the A330 tanker and the A400M.

There are approximately 6300 aircraft currently in service of an average age of 27 years.  And the AM products represent 10% of the current global inventory.

Aircraft have been sold to 136 customers worldwide in 65 countries.

AM has a 47% market share of the light and medium transport and ISR market.  It will have 33% of the heavy lifter market with the A400M and will have 78% of the global market for tankers, excluding the U.S.

Airbus Military Product Update: May 2012

In these slides, Gustavo Garcia Miranda, VP for Market Development, provided an update on the Airbus Military product offerings as of 2012.

The presentation focused on the broad product range offered by AM.  And the presentation discussed how global customers are using the various aircraft on offer and supported world-wide.

The role of the CN-235 and 295 families was especially highlighted in the presentation.

One of the more interesting slides highlight how the A400M can replace several operational aircraft and provide significant fleet operational savings. 13 A400Ms can provide the functional equivalent of 29 previous generation tactical airlifters.

This leads as well to significant life cycle cost reductions.

And finally, the presentation focuses upon the flexibility of the A330 MRTT tanker.

Airbus Military Engineering Update: May 2012

Miguel Angel Morell, SVP Head of Engineering, provided a look at the current engineering improvement efforts, which are the focus of attention in 2012.

The C-295 Airborne Early Warning and C2 aircraft which was announced last year prior to the Paris Air Show was a particular focus of attention in the briefing.

One of the more interesting discussions revolved around the use of rapid prototyping in the development of the product as well as re-shaping manufacturing processes.

Also of note was the evolution of the power plant in cooperation with Pratt and Whitney and the weapons testing on the aircraft in its maritime patrol role.

Another topic of interest was the development of an enhanced debriefing system for the A330 MRTT tanker, which allows better training and operational learning.

A400 M Training: A Multi-National Solution Set

The briefing was provided by Ian Burrett, Heading of Training and Aircrew Operations, Customer Services for Airbus Military.

The A400M is not a platform; it is a fleet and a system.  Training and operational support are critical components of the overall capability of the product.

The program has shaped an approach to providing integrated training and Ops support via an integrated network.

The plane has a very automated loadmaster system which means that a “typical” operational involving transport would see a three person crew on board, pilot, co-pilot and loadmaster.

The international training center opened in October 2010 and is the hub for the multinational training. As the equipment and tools are installed, the center will be ready for training in the summer of 2012.

A400 m training 2012

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Airbus Military Services Update: May 2012

The presentation was provided by Philippe Galland, Head of Customer Services for Airbus Military.

A key element of the EADS approach for the next few years is to expand the service offerings and segment within the company.  Airbus Military and its services approach is a clear key element of this effort.

A key element of the presentation was to look at key elements of what AM calls the FIIS or Full Integrated In-Service Approach.  Other service offerings and prospects were examined and discussed as well.

A330 MRTT Update 2012

The slides were prepared for presentation by Antonio Caramazana, VP, Head of Airbus Military Derivatives, but he was on travel and not available to give the briefing.

In his stead, Francisco Carrasco, Director RSAF MRTT Program provided the briefing and answered questions.

The briefing provides an overview on the tanker and the status with the launch customers.  The non-U.S. market of course is dominated by the A330 MRTT tanker.

A330 mrtt update 2012

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A400M Program Update

The presentation was provided by Cedric Gautier, Head of the A400M program.

While we are at Toulouse, one of the test aircraft took off for tests on grass and other unpaved types of landing areas.

More than 1000 flights have been achieved to date with the A400M.

The initial delivery customers through 2013 will be France and Turkey.

Gautier discussed as well Gear Box issues identified last year and fixed as well as current efforts to deal with a different Gear Box issue identified during the recent return flight from the A400M Asian tour.

MSN7 which is the first operational delivery aircraft is expected for the French Air Force at the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013.  The first flight is for the third quarter of 2012.

A400 m program update 2012

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A400M Flight Test Update: May 2012

The presentation was made by Fernando Alonso, SVP Flight and Integration Tests for Airbus Military.

The A400M through May 16, 2012 has flown 3,212 hours over 1,094 flights.  And these flights and tests have been conducted worldwide.

Alonso discussed as well the evolving tanker tests for the A400M.  The key point is that the tanking tests to date have indicated no real problems with the design of the aircraft with regard to integrating a tanker function.

The journalists attending the Trade Media event were able to visit in small groups Grizzly 3 and to talk to the crew as well.