An X 3 Slidshow: Welcome to America

06/21/2012: Second Line of Defense made the trip to Texas to see the beginning of the X 3 tour in the United States.

The flight display was enjoyable and included several of the Eurocopter helos prior to the arrival of the X 3.
The X 3 arrived with or was escorted by one of the older models of the Eurocopter fleet, paying homage to Eurocopter’s 20th anniversary in the United States.
Then the X cubed put on a demonstration of its flight maneuverability.

It was quite impressive, in terms of its flight stability, its ability to climb, its ability to maneuver and its ability to combine turboprop qualities with a rotorcraft.
[slidepress gallery=’an-x-3-slidshow’]
These photos are credited to SLD and provide a glimpse of the day and the flight demonstration held in Grand Prairie, Texas on June 20, 2012.