Common Defense Quarterly: Bold Alligator 2012


6/13/12: In a piece in this month’s Common Defense Quarterly, a piece by Robbin Laird, Murielle Delaporte and Ed Timperlake has appeared on Bold Alligator 2012.  The article highlights the new approach to maneuver warfare and coalition engagement.

The article features several pictures shot by Murielle during the exercise.

The article highlighted the French role within the exercise and correlates nicely with Murielle’s latest embedded reporting story, this time with the French forces in Afghanistan.

The article concluded with the observation that:

New uses of the sea base, new capabilities deployed from the sea base will allow the U.S. and its allies to deploy scalable forces and to shape a force appropriate to the mission.  And economy of force approach can be shaped to ensure that mission and forces match, but with scalability, other capabilities can augment the force to ensure mission success.

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