The F-35B Turns the Page on Training


This video highlights the first training flight of the F-35B at Eglin AFB.

The video highlights comments from the CG of the training squadron.

Lieutenant-Colonel Berke has been an F-18 pilot, an F-16 pilot, a TOPGUN instructor and served as a ground Forward Air Controller with the US Army for a year. He gained his Viper experience in an F-16A–flying aggressor tactics at TOPGUN; so you have a Marine Hornet Driver flying “foreign tactics” in a Navy training squadron in an AF Fighter.

He flew the Raptor and helped shape tactics for the plane in its joint force role at Nellis AFB.  He became the second squadron commander at Eglin for the USMC version of the F-35.

Currently, he is the Commanding Officer of Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501, Eglin AFB.

Credit Video: Lockheed Martin

For the Berke interview on the 5th generation aircraft from the standpoint of flying the F-22 see the book the Renorming of Airpower.