A Japanese Perspective on the USMC in the Pacific


This video provides a Japanese perspective on the USMC and its role in the Pacific.

It was produced by NHK News and aired on February 14, 2012.

It has been provided to SLD by Shin Shoji from NHK TV Japan.

A translation of the video has been provided to SLD and appears below for downloading.

USMC- Growing Weight in Asia

A main point to the presentation is as follows: “Such a repositioning of the USMC may have an aim to disperse outposts as they fall inside the range of China’s ballistic missiles and have influence on Chinas as in a net.”

We are publishing a series on the evolution of Japanese defense and security policy and this video and some others provided by NHK provides a Japanese perspective on some of the Pacific strategy issues facing the U.S. and its allies in the decade ahead.