Festering “Hot Spots” For Maritime Trade and Commerce


The latest issue of Strategic Insights is now available on the website.

Strategic Insights, No. 41 contains several specific analyses on “hot spots” affecting the security of maritime trade and commerce.

The first article looks at political instability in Yemen reaching out into the maritime domain.  Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has a growing capacity and incentive to launch maritime-directed attacks.  Possible targets include offshore infrastructure where the impact on Yemen would be severe.

The second article looks at the response of the maritime industry to rising fuel cost, namely slow steaming.  But the article looks at how this enhances the risk from maritime threats.  The article then looks at mitigation strategies to deal with this convergence of developments.

The third article looks at what Northcom considers a major threat to the United States, namely drug trafficking in the Western Hemisphere.  The article looks at evolving tool sets by the drug lords to evade American and related efforts at interdiction.  The action-reaction cycle seen in military competition is certainly replicated in the security domain.  The article looks at this cycle.

The final two articles look at the evolving situation in two parts of the world and how these areas provide fertile ground for enhanced maritime security threats.  The fourth article looks at the piracy threat in Guayaquil, Ecuador and the fifth looks at developments in Mali and their impact on regional maritime security,