A Japanese Look at RIMPAC 2012 (2)


2012-09-03 This video provides a Japanese perspective on RIMPAC 2012.

It was produced by NHK News and aired on July 25, 2012.

It has been provided to SLD by Shin Shoji from NHK TV Japan.

Rimpac-What are the US aims?

A translation of the video has been provided to SLD and appears below for downloading.

One point made during the presentation is as follows:

“Hosted by the US Navy, RIMPAC is a joint maritime naval exercise.  Begun in 1971, it was held initially among the US, Canada and Australia.  Since then, it has been held once every two years, with 14 nations participating in 2010.

This year , 22 nations participated.  The video shows 11 countries participating with vessels or aircraft such as Japan, South Korea and first timers Russia and New Zealand.

Additional countries had liaison officers participating in the command are 11 countries such as Britain, Indonesia as well as first timer India.

As a naval joint exercise, RIMPAC’s scale has become the largest this year with 46 ships, 200 aircraft and 25,000 troops participating.”

We are publishing a series on the evolution of Japanese defense and security policy and this video and some others provided by NHK provides a Japanese perspective on some of the Pacific strategy issues facing the U.S. and its allies in the decade ahead.