FAST Marines Deploy to Libya


Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team Company Europe (FASTEUR) Marines, Spanish Marines and British Royal Marines participated in Lisa Azul training at Naval Station Rota, Spain.

This event was the final training scenario to show what they had accomplished and learned.

Marine Corps Fleet Antiterrorism Security Teams (FAST) are deployed around the globe with the mission to provide limited duration expeditionary antiterrorism and security forces in support of designated component and geographic combatant commanders in order to protect vital naval and national assets.

The primary mission of a FAST company is the reinforcement or recapture of critical U.S. infrastructure in their specified area of operations.

FAST companies conduct specialized training to include non-combatant evacuation operations, close quarters battle, military operations in urban terrain, convoy operations, shipboard operations and specialized security operations

A FAST team has been sent to Libya.

Credit: American Forces Network, Rota Spain