Our 2000 Posting: As We Come Towards the End of Our Third Year


2012-09-02 As we reach November 2012, we will mark our third year of operation.

We have as of today posted our 2,000 story.

We want to thank our global readership which has reached more than 3,000 readers a day.

We have emerged as a relied upon source for defense information and for regular updates from warriors and the support community for those warriors.

We thank our loyal readership and look forward to 2013.

And special thanks goes to the core team which launched the website, Murielle Delaporte, Ed Timperlake, Michael Wynne and the late Jack Wheeler.

We have had several other key players join the effort over time and special thanks go to those folks as well, such as Richard Weitz, Alain Dupas, Ed Gilbert, Mark Lewis, Dave Deptula, Harald Malmgren, Bill Anderson Franck Znaty, Caroline Teames and many others.

Thanks as well to the key individuals who have worked many of the technical issues, Jean Tullier, Anne Schroeder, Zach Hannes, Myron Rosmarin, and Marc Passarelli, and the Y Creative Team, and Diana Scogna