LCS and JHSV: The Austal Yard

10/30/2012: LCS and JHSV at The Austal Yard 

This slideshow highlights several photos shot during the SLD visit to the Austal shipyard on October 17th and 18th.

And they are supplemented by several photos provide by the Mobile Press Register.

[slidepress gallery=’lcs-and-jhsv’]

 The first 8 photos are credited to Second Line of Defense.

  • In the first photo, the rear doors of LCS 4, the USS Coronado, is seen dockside.
  • In the second photo, JHSV 2 is seen dockside.
  • In the third photo, a new JHSV is seen as shot from JHSV 2.
  • In the fourth photo, the rear of the USS Coronado is seen as shot from the wheelhouse of JHSV 2.
  • In the fifth photo, the wheelhouse of JHSV 2 is seen.
  • In the sixth photo, the USS Coronado is seen dockside.
  • In the seventh photo, the front side and the gun are seen aboard USS Coronado.
  • In the eighth photo, the command post for LCS-4 is pictured.
  • In the ninth photo, an aerial view of the Austal yard is provided.
  • In the tenth photo, the LCS and JHSV are seen sea side.
  • In the 11th through 13th photos are various views of JHSV.
  • In the 14th photo is the USS Coronado coming out of its bay.
  • In the final photo, the Spearhead JHSV is seen as seen during sea trials.