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By Robbin Laird Last year, the Dambusters squadron flew from Beaufort Marine Corps Air Station to RAF Marham and began its operational life in the UK. I have had the chance over the past few years to visit both Beaufort MCAS and RAF Marham as well as RAF Lakenheath and seen both the preparation for and the standup of USMC and RAF/RN squadrons as well as the coming of the USAF F-35s as well. Already…

An Update on the HMS Queen Elizabeth and the UK F-35s: August 2018

09/02/2018We have followed the building and preparation for the new Queen Elizabeth class submarines by the UK over the past few years. Now the new carrier is coming… Read more »

F-35C Operational Testing Onboard USS Abraham Lincoln

09/01/2018In a story by USNI News’s Megan Eckstein published on August 27, 2018, the operation of F-35s onboard the USS Abraham Lincoln was highlighted. ABOARD USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN,… Read more »

3D Printing in Support of the F-35

07/29/2018In an article by Mitch Shaw of the Standard-Examiner, the role of 3-D printing in support of F-35s at Hill Air Force Base was highlighted. HILL AIR FORCE… Read more »

F-35 Training at MCAS Beaufort

07/12/2018Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501, also known as the Warlords, practice dropping inert or non-exploding bombs at Townsend Bombing Range, Ga. MCAS Beaufort owns and operates the… Read more »

The Coming of the F-35 to the UK: Working Through the Challenges

06/26/2018By Robbin Laird During my visit to RAF Marham in May 2018, I had a chance to visit once again and to meet with senior RAF and Royal… Read more »

Shaping the UK Carrier Strike Group: The Perspective of Commodore Andrew Betton and Col. Phil Kelly

06/22/2018By Robbin Laird During my visit to Portsmouth, England and to RAF Marham in early May 2018, I visited senior Royal Navy and defense personnel involved in the… Read more »

An Update on F-35 Manufacturing: Donald Kinard Talks with Aerospace Manufacturing

06/21/2018Ed Hill, Aerospace Manufacturing In this Q&A session Don Kinard, Lockheed Martin senior fellow F-35 production, discusses with Ed Hill how the defence giant is applying automation, robotics and additive… Read more »

Visiting VMX-1 at MCAS Yuma: Working MAGTF Modernization

06/21/2018By Robbin Laird What was clear from my visit to MAWTS-1 and getting a chance to look at the work of the latest WTI is that the Marines… Read more »

An Update on Leveraging the F-35 in Shaping a Way Ahead: The Perspective of Air Commodore David Bradshaw

06/19/2018By Robbin Laird Air Commodore Bradshaw was appointed as Lighting Force Commander, Royal Air Force Marham in April 2017 and he succeeded Air Commodore now Air Vice-Marshal H.… Read more »