An Interview with the First “Regular” Pilot of the F-35

07/12/2012Video: An interview with the first non-test pilot for the F-35 training process. Read more »

The Few, the Proud: The American Defenders

07/10/2012Secretary Wynne looks at the challenges of pushing modernization of U.S. forces further down the road.  Read more »

More Operational-Coded F-35s than Test Aircraft for DOD

07/10/2012A total of nine F-35s have been delivered for the year, giving the DOD a total of 30 aircraft fleet-wide. Read more »

F-35 Flight Test Progress (July 2012)

07/10/2012Since December 2006, F-35s have flown 2,355 times and accrued more than 3,700 cumulative flight hours. Read more »

The Farnbourgh Airshow 2012: Glimpses of the Future

07/06/2012A look at the upcoming Farnbourgh Air Show 2012. Read more »

F-35 Program Update, July 1, 2012

07/04/2012These slides provide highlights of F-35 program developments through the end of June 2012. Read more »

Shaping Redundant Response U.S. Military Space Capabilities

07/01/2012The entire C5ISR enterprise built into a honeycomb is the correct response and approach to shaping the attack and defense global reach enterprise. Read more »

The F-35: The Impact of a Global Fleet

07/01/2012Rather than taking a platform centric perspective, thinking about the F-35 as a global fleet provides significant understanding of the capabilities inherent in the system. Read more »

The Japanese Buy Their First F-35s: Building Blocks for a Global Fleet

06/29/2012The Japanese announce their purchase of initial F-35s. Read more »