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F-35 pilot fitting facility is the first stop before pilots hit the flight line. These two stories, one from 2015 highlighting pilot fitting at Luke AFB and one from 2017 highlighting pilot fitting at MCAS Beaufort highlights the process. Outfitting F-35 pilots requires perfection By Staff Sgt. Staci Miller, 56th Fighter Wing Public Affairs / Published October 20, 2015 LUKE AIR FORCE BASE, Ariz. -- Anyone who has been fitted for a suit, a tux or even…

The Joint Strike Fighter and the Australian Defense Sector

07/17/2012A look at the participation of Australian defense industry in the F-35 program by our partner APDR. Read more »

Britain Demonstrates the Flexibility Inherent in the F-35 Program

07/16/2012The F-35 program always for flexibility from Bs to As and As to Bs. Read more »

Business Leaders Support Bringing F-35 to Tucson

07/15/2012The F-35 has the strong support of the Tucson business community. Read more »

100th F-35 Lightning II Sortie

07/14/2012Slideshow: The 100th F-35 Sortie at Eglin AFB Read more »

F-35 Pilots Comment on Flying the Aircraft

07/12/2012Video: Alan Norman, Chief Test Pilot for the F-35, Discusses 5th Generation Aircraft Read more »

F-35 Fighter Attracts Foreign Interest

07/12/2012More than 25 countries have expressed interest in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Read more »

An Interview with the First “Regular” Pilot of the F-35

07/12/2012Video: An interview with the first non-test pilot for the F-35 training process. Read more »

More Operational-Coded F-35s than Test Aircraft for DOD

07/10/2012A total of nine F-35s have been delivered for the year, giving the DOD a total of 30 aircraft fleet-wide. Read more »

F-35 Flight Test Progress (July 2012)

07/10/2012Since December 2006, F-35s have flown 2,355 times and accrued more than 3,700 cumulative flight hours. Read more »