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By Robbin Laird During my latest visit to MAWTS-1 in May 2018, the work of the MAWTS-1 team during WTI-18-2 was the focus of attention. MAWTS-1 is working on reshaping Marine Corps approaches to moving forward from a primary focus on counter intersurgency. The strategic shift from counter-insurgency to contested operations was the focus of the most recent seminar of the Williams Foundation provides a baseline examination of the strategic shift. At MAWTS-1, one can…

Norwegian Updates on The Standup of Their F-35s

06/05/2018On May 22, 2018, three additional F-35s arrived at Ørland Air Base in Norway. According to a Norwegian Ministry of Defence press release dated May 23, 2018: Six… Read more »

The Allied Dimension in Play: The US Navy Selects the Naval Strike Missile

06/03/2018By Robbin Laird Last week, the Pentagon announced that Raytheon has won a $14.8 million contract to purchase the Naval Strike Missile for the Littoral Combat Ship and… Read more »

The USMC Shapes a Way Ahead: The Perspective of the Commanding Officer of MAWTS-1

06/01/2018By Robbin Laird MAWTS-1 plays a unique role within the USMC and in the joint force. In our book on the reshaping of Pacific strategy and the role… Read more »

Navigating the Way Ahead for a Fifth Generation-Enabled Combat Force: The Perspective of Maj. General Morten Klever

05/29/2018By Robbin Laird The Royal Norwegian Air Force is transitioning from an F-16 to an all F-35 air combat force as part of both Air Force modernization and… Read more »

RAF A330MRTT Tankers Train with UK F-35s for Deployment to Britain

05/25/2018According to a story published April 12, 2108 on the UK Royal Navy website, the training of the Voyager tankers with UK F-35s was highlighted. Thousands of feet… Read more »

F-35s at Nellis AFB

05/25/2018These two videos show the F-35A taking off and landing at Nellis AFB with Los Vegas in the background. The videos were shot by the 99th Air Base… Read more »

From HMS Illustrious to HMS Queen Elizabeth: A Decade’s Journey

05/24/2018by Robbin Laird Recently, I had the chance to visit RAF Marham and to interview Air Commodore Bradshaw who was appointed as Lighting Force Commander, Royal Air Force Marham… Read more »

The BAE Systems Role in the F-35 Program

05/24/2018An overview of the significant role which BAE Systems plays in the F-35 program is provided by the company on their website. https://www.baesystems.com/en-us/product/f-35# The following graphic above provides… Read more »

Norwegian Quick Reaction Aircraft, Bodø Airbase and Future Basing Challenges

05/24/2018By Robbin Laird During visits to the United Kingdom, I have had a chance to see and visit with RAF the operators of the quick reaction air capability… Read more »