UK to Deploy F-35s to Cyprus for the First Time

04/09/2019Cyprus has provided a key operational launch point for the RAF in the Middle East for some time. Recently, the UK updated its agreement with the Cyprus government… Read more »

From Legacy Training to Training a Crisis Management Force: 5th Gen and the Kill Web

04/04/2019By Robbin Laird An ability to actually have a kill web force requires the training to actually do it. Training will need to occur on two levels. First,… Read more »

Luke’s F-35 5-year Anniversary

04/04/2019Luke AFB is where the F-35 global enterprise has been launched. Pilots AND maintainers have been trained for the USAF and all the partner nations which have purchased… Read more »

Reshaping the Fleet in the Pacific: F-35Bs, Distributed Lethality and Unmanned Systems, and Allied Capabilities

04/03/2019By Robbin Laird The kill web appraoch at sea is tapping into a number of key real world operational developments as well as new technologies which will enhance… Read more »

The Next Phase in Shaping an Integrated 21st Air Combat Force: The RAF Adds Wedgetail

03/24/2019By Robbin Laird My visits to the UK and Australia over the past five years indicate growing working relationships between the two air forces but also that the… Read more »

Aussies Work Supply Chain Digitalization on the F-35

03/19/2019According to a press release from BAE Systems Australia, the company is working with the Commonwealth of Australia to work supply chain innovations with regard to the F-35.… Read more »

The F-35 Engine Removal and Installation (R&I) Mobility Trailer

03/03/2019The F-35 as a 21st century air platform has a number of innovations built into the aircraft and the overall air system to facilitate more effective maintenance and… Read more »

Australia and the F-35 Global Enterprise: Avalon Airshow 2019 Update

03/03/2019Defence has signed an agreement with Lockheed Martin Australia and Lockheed Martin Corporation to ensure the effective long-term sustainment of the F-35A Joint Strike Fighter capability in Australia.… Read more »

The Materialization of Plan Jericho: Building a Wingman for a 5th Generation Air Force

02/28/2019By Robbin Laird I have been travelling to Australia and working with the Williams Foundation in Canberra for five years. I am now a research Fellow at the Foundation. … Read more »