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By Robbin Laird Last year, the Dambusters squadron flew from Beaufort Marine Corps Air Station to RAF Marham and began its operational life in the UK. I have had the chance over the past few years to visit both Beaufort MCAS and RAF Marham as well as RAF Lakenheath and seen both the preparation for and the standup of USMC and RAF/RN squadrons as well as the coming of the USAF F-35s as well. Already…

Opening the F-35 Flight Envelope: The Perspective of a VMFAT-501 Pilot

04/30/2019U.S. Marine Capt. Frank Zastoupil, F-35B Lighting II pilot with Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501, speaks about the capabilities of the F-35B Lighting II and its participation… Read more »

Visiting the Warlords: An April 2019 Update from the CO of VMFAT-501

04/29/2019By Robbin Laird During my most recent visit to 2ndMarine Air Wing, I had a chance to visit MCAS Beaufort and meet with Lt. Col. Adam Levine, the… Read more »

Warlords Fly at MCAS Beaufort Air Show

04/29/2019We had a chance to attend the 2019 Beaufort MCAS Airshow on Friday, April 26, 2019. A visit the day before with the CO of the Warlords provided… Read more »

The 2019 Beaufort MCAS Airshow: The Warlords and the Latest F-35 on Display

04/28/2019We had a chance to attend the 2019 Beaufort MCAS Airshow on Friday, April 26, 2019. The airshow goes through today, April 28, 2019. A visit the day… Read more »

UK to Deploy F-35s to Cyprus for the First Time

04/09/2019Cyprus has provided a key operational launch point for the RAF in the Middle East for some time. Recently, the UK updated its agreement with the Cyprus government… Read more »

From Legacy Training to Training a Crisis Management Force: 5th Gen and the Kill Web

04/04/2019By Robbin Laird An ability to actually have a kill web force requires the training to actually do it. Training will need to occur on two levels. First,… Read more »

Luke’s F-35 5-year Anniversary

04/04/2019Luke AFB is where the F-35 global enterprise has been launched. Pilots AND maintainers have been trained for the USAF and all the partner nations which have purchased… Read more »

Reshaping the Fleet in the Pacific: F-35Bs, Distributed Lethality and Unmanned Systems, and Allied Capabilities

04/03/2019By Robbin Laird The kill web appraoch at sea is tapping into a number of key real world operational developments as well as new technologies which will enhance… Read more »

The Next Phase in Shaping an Integrated 21st Air Combat Force: The RAF Adds Wedgetail

03/24/2019By Robbin Laird My visits to the UK and Australia over the past five years indicate growing working relationships between the two air forces but also that the… Read more »