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By Robbin Laird Last year, the Dambusters squadron flew from Beaufort Marine Corps Air Station to RAF Marham and began its operational life in the UK. I have had the chance over the past few years to visit both Beaufort MCAS and RAF Marham as well as RAF Lakenheath and seen both the preparation for and the standup of USMC and RAF/RN squadrons as well as the coming of the USAF F-35s as well. Already…

Aussies Work Supply Chain Digitalization on the F-35

03/19/2019According to a press release from BAE Systems Australia, the company is working with the Commonwealth of Australia to work supply chain innovations with regard to the F-35.… Read more »

The F-35 Engine Removal and Installation (R&I) Mobility Trailer

03/03/2019The F-35 as a 21st century air platform has a number of innovations built into the aircraft and the overall air system to facilitate more effective maintenance and… Read more »

Australia and the F-35 Global Enterprise: Avalon Airshow 2019 Update

03/03/2019Defence has signed an agreement with Lockheed Martin Australia and Lockheed Martin Corporation to ensure the effective long-term sustainment of the F-35A Joint Strike Fighter capability in Australia.… Read more »

The Materialization of Plan Jericho: Building a Wingman for a 5th Generation Air Force

02/28/2019By Robbin Laird I have been travelling to Australia and working with the Williams Foundation in Canberra for five years. I am now a research Fellow at the Foundation. … Read more »

The F-35 and the Next Gen Battlespace

02/26/2019The recent news from Red Flag 2019-1 with regard to how the F-35 is teaming with other elements of an air combat force to deliver air superiority is… Read more »

Australian Industry and Regional F-35 MRO&U Support

02/26/2019By Andrew McLaughlin Australian industry has been allocated a large proportion of the next round of regional F-35 JSF program Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul and Upgrade (MRO&U) workshare awards.… Read more »

Rheinmetall Supplies Ammunition for USAF F-35s: Working to Expand to RAAF

02/26/2019In 2017, Rheinmetall announced that they had won a contract to supply ammunition for the USAF’s F-35s. In a March 6, 2017 press release, the company announced the… Read more »

USAF Reports on Red Flag 19-1

02/22/2019In a recent article published by the 388th Fighter Wing Public Affairs on February 15, 2019, an update was provided on Red Flag-19-1 and how the impact of… Read more »

USN Discusses Way Ahead with Naval Aviation

02/22/2019In a recent story by Megan Eckstein published by USNI News on February 20, 2019, the author reports on a panel held at the recent Navy exposition in… Read more »