Singapore, the F-35 and the Strategic Triangle

01/24/2019The Ministry of Defence of Singapore has started its process of formally replacing their legacy fleet with the F-35. An article by Andrew McLaughlin published in the Australian… Read more »

The F-35 Global Enterprise: Working Global Logistics: The Case of Japan

01/22/2019The F-35 has come at the time of the strategic shift for the liberal democracies from dealing primarily with the land wars to preparing for crisis management with… Read more »

UK F-35s Ready for Operations

01/12/2019In a Royal Navy article published on January 11, 2019, the announcement by the Minister of Defence of the operational readiness of the UK’s F-35s was highlighted and… Read more »

Avalon Airshow 2019: The Role of Victorian Industry in the F-35

01/12/2019Victorian industry in Australia is playing a key role in the Australian F-35 program, both in supporting their own jets and the global enterprise. In  recent Defence Connect… Read more »


12/24/2018Personnel from the Australian Embassy in Washington, joined Royal Australian Air Force personnel at Luke Air Force Base to host a ‘Mateship’ event recognising contributions to Australia’s F-35… Read more »

The Dutch Open the Door to Buying Additional F-35s: A Key Building Block in Shaping Their Defense Strategy

12/16/2018With the Dutch government focused on enhanced defense capabilities, a core building block in the way ahead clearly has been the purchase and involvement of the Dutch in… Read more »

F-35C Flight Ops Onboard USS Carl Vinson

12/14/2018Lightning II aircraft assigned to the “Rough Raiders” of Strike Fighter Squadron 125 (VFA-125) are launched with F/A-18 Hornets during integrated flight operations in support of VFA-147 Safe-For… Read more »

Argonauts Complete Carrier Quals: The US Navy Takes a Major Step Forward in Shaping the Kill Web

12/13/2018Capt. Max McCoy, the commodore of the squadron, told USNI News in a recent interview that having a single point-person overseeing all Navy efforts related to operating and… Read more »

F-35s Arrive at Williamtown December 10, 2018: But the ADF has Been Focused on Shaping a ‘Fifth Generation” Enabled Force for Some Time

12/10/2018By Robbin Laird, Research Fellow, Williams Foundation, Canberra A great photo opportunity was provided by the arrival of the first two F-35s from the United States to their… Read more »