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By Robbin Laird During my latest visit to MAWTS-1 in May 2018, the work of the MAWTS-1 team during WTI-18-2 was the focus of attention. MAWTS-1 is working on reshaping Marine Corps approaches to moving forward from a primary focus on counter intersurgency. The strategic shift from counter-insurgency to contested operations was the focus of the most recent seminar of the Williams Foundation provides a baseline examination of the strategic shift. At MAWTS-1, one can…

Australian-Based Firm Varley Delivers Support Capabilities for F-35s

04/01/2018During a visit to Australia in March 2018, the Second Line of Defense team visited Williamtown Airbase and the Hunter Valley area. The Hunter valley area is well… Read more »

Standing Up an F-35 Avionics Test Center in Denmark

03/31/2018Terma and Scandinavian Avionics officials announced they are teaming up to form the Avionics Test Center in Denmark to support the F-35 fighter aircraft maintenance capabilities. According to… Read more »

Pratt And Whitney Deploys Logistics Upgrade for F-35 Fleet

03/31/2018“Jet-engine builder Pratt & Whitney reported that a team of subject matter experts completed an upgrade to F-35 Lightning II fleet-management system at 12 sites around the world,… Read more »

An Australian Update on the F-35 and the RAAF Getting Ready for Its Incorporation Into the Force

03/31/2018During our visit to Australia in March 2018, we had a chance to get an update on the next round of modernization of the RAAF which is driven… Read more »

F-35 Heritage Flight Team in 2018

03/28/2018The F-35A Heritage Flight Team at Luke Air Force Base teams up with Air Force Heritage flight exhibiting the professional qualities the Air Force develops in the people… Read more »

Marines Work the Sea Base and Expanded Capabilities

03/27/2018Pilots aboard the USS Wasp (LHD-1) perform deck landing qualifications in an MV-22B Osprey, MH-60S Sea Hawk, and F-35B Lightning II on March 19, 2018. As the Marine… Read more »

Europe Prepares for Fifth Generation Transformation: The European Air Group Works the Challenge

03/27/2018By Robbin Laird The European Air Group has been an incubator for change within the European air forces. The EAG flies below the radar but is a key… Read more »

UK Air Defence Strategy Launched by Minister of Defence: The Strategic Context

03/07/2018The UK Defence Minister announced a forthcoming UK combat air strategy for the way ahead. This will be shaped and implemented under the influence of key strategic dynamics,… Read more »

The Queen Opens the F-35 Facility at RAF Marham

02/14/2018The Brits are standing up their F-35 facilities at RAF Marham this year. Read more »