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The Israeli Air Force is hosting a five day exercise in the south of the country involving over one thousand personnel from four nations, the US, Germany, Italy, and Greece. The IDF's F-35s are a key part of the exercise. Currently the IAF has 14 F-35 Adir aircraft and is expected to receive from the US a total of 50 planes to make two full squadrons by 2024. According to an article published by the…

The Next Phase in Shaping an Integrated 21st Air Combat Force: The RAF Adds Wedgetail

03/24/2019By Robbin Laird My visits to the UK and Australia over the past five years indicate growing working relationships between the two air forces but also that the… Read more »

Aussies Work Supply Chain Digitalization on the F-35

03/19/2019According to a press release from BAE Systems Australia, the company is working with the Commonwealth of Australia to work supply chain innovations with regard to the F-35.… Read more »

The F-35 Engine Removal and Installation (R&I) Mobility Trailer

03/03/2019The F-35 as a 21st century air platform has a number of innovations built into the aircraft and the overall air system to facilitate more effective maintenance and… Read more »

Australia and the F-35 Global Enterprise: Avalon Airshow 2019 Update

03/03/2019Defence has signed an agreement with Lockheed Martin Australia and Lockheed Martin Corporation to ensure the effective long-term sustainment of the F-35A Joint Strike Fighter capability in Australia.… Read more »

The Materialization of Plan Jericho: Building a Wingman for a 5th Generation Air Force

02/28/2019By Robbin Laird I have been travelling to Australia and working with the Williams Foundation in Canberra for five years. I am now a research Fellow at the Foundation. … Read more »

The F-35 and the Next Gen Battlespace

02/26/2019The recent news from Red Flag 2019-1 with regard to how the F-35 is teaming with other elements of an air combat force to deliver air superiority is… Read more »

Australian Industry and Regional F-35 MRO&U Support

02/26/2019By Andrew McLaughlin Australian industry has been allocated a large proportion of the next round of regional F-35 JSF program Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul and Upgrade (MRO&U) workshare awards.… Read more »

Rheinmetall Supplies Ammunition for USAF F-35s: Working to Expand to RAAF

02/26/2019In 2017, Rheinmetall announced that they had won a contract to supply ammunition for the USAF’s F-35s. In a March 6, 2017 press release, the company announced the… Read more »

USAF Reports on Red Flag 19-1

02/22/2019In a recent article published by the 388th Fighter Wing Public Affairs on February 15, 2019, an update was provided on Red Flag-19-1 and how the impact of… Read more »