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F-35 pilot fitting facility is the first stop before pilots hit the flight line. These two stories, one from 2015 highlighting pilot fitting at Luke AFB and one from 2017 highlighting pilot fitting at MCAS Beaufort highlights the process. Outfitting F-35 pilots requires perfection By Staff Sgt. Staci Miller, 56th Fighter Wing Public Affairs / Published October 20, 2015 LUKE AIR FORCE BASE, Ariz. -- Anyone who has been fitted for a suit, a tux or even…


12/24/2018Personnel from the Australian Embassy in Washington, joined Royal Australian Air Force personnel at Luke Air Force Base to host a ‘Mateship’ event recognising contributions to Australia’s F-35… Read more »

The Dutch Open the Door to Buying Additional F-35s: A Key Building Block in Shaping Their Defense Strategy

12/16/2018With the Dutch government focused on enhanced defense capabilities, a core building block in the way ahead clearly has been the purchase and involvement of the Dutch in… Read more »

F-35C Flight Ops Onboard USS Carl Vinson

12/14/2018Lightning II aircraft assigned to the “Rough Raiders” of Strike Fighter Squadron 125 (VFA-125) are launched with F/A-18 Hornets during integrated flight operations in support of VFA-147 Safe-For… Read more »

Argonauts Complete Carrier Quals: The US Navy Takes a Major Step Forward in Shaping the Kill Web

12/13/2018Capt. Max McCoy, the commodore of the squadron, told USNI News in a recent interview that having a single point-person overseeing all Navy efforts related to operating and… Read more »

F-35s Arrive at Williamtown December 10, 2018: But the ADF has Been Focused on Shaping a ‘Fifth Generation” Enabled Force for Some Time

12/10/2018By Robbin Laird, Research Fellow, Williams Foundation, Canberra A great photo opportunity was provided by the arrival of the first two F-35s from the United States to their… Read more »

NATO’s Tactical Leadership Programme 18-4: Amendola Air Base, Italy and Italian F-35s Shape a Way Ahead

12/09/2018By Robbin Laird Normally, the TLP is held in Spain at Albacete Airbase. We visited Albacete Airbase in 2016 and talked with Spanish Air Force pilots concerning their… Read more »

The F-35 Global Enterprise and Australia: The Opportunity for Allies to Learn How to Conduct Sustained Engagement Crisis Operations

12/08/2018By Robbin Laird The RAAF F-35s on on their way to Williamtown and thereby opening the F-35 Aussie fleet operations in-country. As the Aussies work out their sustainment… Read more »

The RAAF Gets Ready for the Arrival of their First F-35s

12/06/2018The RAAF is getting ready to receive their first F-35s in country on December 10, 2018. In preparation for the arrival in country, the Australian Department of Defence… Read more »

RAAF F-35s on Their Way Home

12/06/2018By Robbin Laird “Royal Australian Air Force personnel deployed to Luke Air Force Base in Phoenix, USA prepare the aircraft they will bring home in December 2018. Royal… Read more »