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North European and North Atlantic Defense: The Challenges Return

12/01/2017The Nordics are responding to what they see as a new situation in their region. The Arctic opening expands the range significantly of the challenge in what might be called… Download PDF Now »
Whats New

Australian Army to Procure New CRVs

03/19/2018Project LAND 400 Phase 2 will acquire 225 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles (CRV) to replace the Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV). The Phase 2 fleet will include seven variants. On 28… Read more »

The Standup of the Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats: Shaping a Way Ahead

03/19/2018An important new center for preparing the liberal democracies to deal with the hybrid influencing threat has been stood up in Helsinki. Read more »

The Icebreaker Gap: Shaping a Way Ahead to Deal with the Challenge

03/16/2018The USCG is about to make steps to deal with the icebreaker gap, a significant shortage when dealing with Arctic challenges, both now and in the future. Down to one… Read more »

The Northrop Grumman Acquisition of ATK: Shaping A Material Foundation for Enhanced Innovation

03/09/2018Given the close relationship between design, development and manufacturing for 21st century combat systems, the ATK acquisition by Northrop Grumman makes a great deal of sense. With the incorporation of… Read more »

UK Air Defence Strategy Launched by Minister of Defence: The Strategic Context

03/07/2018The UK Defence Minister announced a forthcoming UK combat air strategy for the way ahead. This will be shaped and implemented under the influence of key strategic dynamics, the coming… Read more »

RAAF Humanitarian Support: February March 2018

03/02/2018The RAAF is engaged in support to New Guinea after a recent severe earthquake impacted the country. Read more »
In Briefs

AC-130 in Flight

03/20/2018A look at the AC-130. Read more »

B-2 Spirit Takeoff 08.10.2017

03/18/2018Video: B-2 Spirit Takeoff 08.10.2017 Read more »

B-52 Stratofortress Refuel

03/15/2018Video:B-52 Stratofortress Refuel Read more »

B-52 In Flight Operations

03/10/2018Video:B-52 In Flight Operations Read more »

Marine Aviation in Support of the MAGTF

03/08/2018Video:Marine Aviation in Support of the MAGTF Read more »

The Guard at War

03/06/2018Chief Warrant Officer 5 Jim Herring, who has over 38 years of service, talks about his experience while deployed to Iraq with the North Carolina National Guard’s Co. B, 3rd… Read more »

Standing Up Direct Air Support Center in Cobra Gold 2018

03/03/2018The Marine Air Support Squadron 2 completes setup of a direct air support center in under 60 minutes at Prince Jetsada Camp in Sattahip, Chonburi province, Thailand, during Exercise Cobra… Read more »