Who we are

The SLD Team and Approach

The Second Line of Defense team is a group of globally based analysts and strategists who work closely together in thinking through the nature of the evolving strategic environment and provides regular interviews with key participants in evolving military capabilities based on global reporting.

We are focused on defense and security issues and realities, which the mainstream media often simply does not cover, or interprets in terms of legacy thinking and approaches.

We provide regular interviews and assessments based on visits worldwide to operational and training bases, and our reports have been generated from the Middle East, Africa, Canada, throughout the United States, Latin American, Asia and Australia.

We have provided interviews and insights often significantly in advance of the regular press, such as interviewing key players in the lay down of air missile defense in the Pacific, the coming of the F-35, the impact of the new tanker, the KC-30A on operations, the evolution of the most advanced air battle management flown by an allied air force, the Wedgetail, and highlighted key trends associated with the coming of 21st century combat systems, such as the software upgradeability challenge.

We launched a new micro site this year which focuses on the emergence of the next round of conventional force modernization, the building of the integrated distributed force and are doing a number of members of the U.S. training centers who are making this shift in concepts of operations a reality.

Because of COVID-19, many of these interviews are being done by teleconferences.

Interviews and reporting worldwide have been provided by Dr. Robbin F. LairdEdward TimperlakeMurielle Delaporte, and Todd Miller.

Our core team of strategic thinkers has provided interactive analyses of the evolving global environment and challenges facing the liberal democracies and their evolving defense and security policies.

Dr. Harald MalmgrenDr. Richard WeitzDr. Kenneth Maxwell,  Air Vice Marshal (retired) John BlackburnSecretary Michael Wynne and Lt. General (Retired) David Deptula have provided regular insights for our readers.

Second Line of Defense has a special partnership with the Williams Foundation, Canberra, Australia and has generated a regular set of special reports highlighting the various seminars over the past few years held in Canberra and which have highlighted the military transformation process.

Our support team includes Caroline Teames, editorial assistant in charge of slideshows and videos, and in charge of marketing, design, web development and technical web mastering issues: Y Creative Group.

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